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CGL 2014 Interview Experience- 18 June 2015, Mumbai Panel

Board 1

3M 1F

M1-about my college Jaypee Group
and how is jaypee group doing dese days
Me-answered well

F-name three author wid there autobiography
Me -Gave 2 names

F-wat is environment science and wat is green house gasess…from where term green house came…wat is ozone hole
Me-answered all except from where term green house came

M2- wat is digital signature
Me-i forgot:( said sorry

F1-wat is 2G and 3G technology
Me-explained well

F1-is telephone radiations harmful to us

M1-why ssc when u r doing technical job go n search some technical govt job

F-tell me about ur college training

M4-wat is BRICS,who is head of this,why they r together,which r developed countries
Me-answered but wasn’t able to tell positon of kv kamath

Over….i thanked all…

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