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CGL 2014 Interview Experience- 19 June 2015, Eastern Region

Pankaj Sah interview experience

Region – SSCER

Background – BCA

Panel structure – 3 males & 1 female.


1. Difference between Heat and Temperature.

2. Types of thermometer

3. Minimum possibble temperature

4. State of the matter in 0 kelvin.

5. Motion of electrons in an atom.

6. Forces on atom electrons.

7. Chemical formula of phosphoric acid.

8. Define CPU

9. RAM vs ROM

10. Draw flip flop circuit.

11. Draw decoder circuit.

12.My work profile in my job(postal assistant)

13. What kind of software is used in post office for banking.

14. Developer of that software.

15. Two proposition based question for filling blanks.

16. My favourite movie (hobby)

17. Message of that movie.

18. Any poem or prose I know of school time.

19. Article 370.

20. Fundamental rights

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