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English Vocab – Daily Digest , Day Eleven

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English vocabulary

  1. Envious

adjective – showing extreme cupidity; painfully desirous of another’s advantages
Synonym – jealous


  1. Temperamental

adjective – subject to sharply varying mood; relating to temperament


  1. Irascible

adjective – quickly aroused to anger
Synonym – choleric, short tempered, deride, effrontery, irate, bridle


  1. Virtuous

adjective – morally excellent
Synonym – pure, vestal
Antonym – defiled, unsullied


  1. Promiscuously

adverb – In an indiscriminate manner



adjective – not selective of a single class or person

Synonym – egalitarian


  1. Propensity

noun – an inclination to do something  

Synonym – leaning, tendency


  1. Tinker

noun – a person who enjoys fixing & experimenting with machines & their parts
verb – to do random, unplanned work or spend time idly


  1. Spire

noun – a tall tower that forms the super structure of a building

Synonym – steeple


  1. Rotunda

noun – a building having a circular plan and a dome


  1. Edifice

noun – a structure that has a roof & walls & stands more or less permanently in one place


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