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English Vocab – Daily Digest , Day Nine

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English vocabulary

  1. Exuberant

adjective – joyously unrestrained; Ebullient
verb – exult; rejoice; jubilate


  1. Foiled

adjective – disappointingly unsuccessful. Defeated; Discomfited


verb- to hinder or prevent; Thwart; Queer; scotch


  1. Profanity

noun – vulgar or irreverent speech or action; corrupt; pervert; subvert; violated; debauch; desecration.


  1. Dissonance

noun – a conflict of people’s opinions/actions/characters
Synonyms – dissension, Factiousness, Divisiveness


  1. Improvidence

noun – a lack of prudence and care by someone in the management of resources.
Synonyms – shortsightedness



adjective – done or made using whatever is available


  1. Auspices

noun – kindly endorsement & guidance
Synonym – protection, aegis


noun – a favorable omen


verb – to indicate by signs
verb – to commence in a manner calculated to bring good luck


  1. Onerous

adjective – not easily borne; wearing
Synonym – burdensome, taxing


  1. Abysmal

adjective – very great, limitless


adverb – in a terrible manner
Synonym – awfully, abominally, rottenly, atrociously


  1. Deride
verb - to treat or speak of with contempt
Synonym - Effrontery, Irascible, Irate, Briddle

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