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SSC CGL 2014 CPT- Excel Exercises & Formula Sheets


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For the aspirant help in above four critical factors, SSCtube Prepared Formula handbook for your reference. Download these handbooks, read them and start practising by downloading Excel Exercises.

All the Best for CPT !!

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Excel Exercisespdficon_large

Excel Formula Hand Book   pdficon_large

Excel Formula Reference Book 1  pdficon_large

Excel Formula Reference Book 2   pdficon_large

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  5. In the marks document of CGL 2014, in the REJ_MOD2 column there is “Roll/Name” & in REJ_MOD3 column there is “Roll/Name1”. What does this mean? I have written my name and roll in every place I was told to write- in the excel sheet, name of the file saved as and also on the paper printed out. Every person in the ER region got this in their CPT. How can this be possible? Any suggestions..

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