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SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience B.Tech Mechanical Engineering- 09th July, Southern Region



Interview Experience: Srikanth Babu

Venue: SSC SR
Background: Mechanical Engineering
Date of Interview: 09/07/2015
Panel members – Female (F1), 2 males (M1, M2) and Lady Chairman (Ch)
Score: T1(prelims) + T2(mains) marks: 448.5
Roll no: 8003016716
Category: SC


(wished 2 females separately, 2 males separately)

Ch – How did Kurnool (my home town) get its name?
Me – answered

Ch – Which districts you pass through while going from your place to Vishakhapatnam?
Me – Answered

Ch – Tell about tourism and climate in Kurnool?
Me – answered

Ch – Tell about river Tungabadhra, source?
Me – answered

Ch(I told about belum caves in tourism) Belum caves is second longest caves in India ,which is first?
Me – Didn’t answered (she said it is in Meghalaya)

M1 – What are fundamental rights?
Me – answered

M1 – Tell about right to freedom?
Me– answered

M1 – Tell about right to constitutional remedies ?
Me – answered

M1 – What are writs in constitution?
Me – answered habeas corpus, mandamus, quo warranto etc

M1 – Tell about habeas corpus?
Me – answered

M2 – Tell about Sri Krishna Devarayalu?
Me – answered (80% satisfied)

M2 – Poets of Sri Krishna Devarayalu?
Me – told only one poet (couldn’t recall rest)

M2 – Developments made by Sri Krihna Devarayalu?
Me – answered

M2 – What is Preamble?
Me – answered

M2 – When were socialist, secular added?
Me – said by 42nd amendment in 1974 (but i think it is 1976)

M2 – Who was PM then?
Me – answered

F2 – What is mechanical engineering?
Me- answered

F2 – What is work?
Me – answered

F2 – What is momentum?
Me – answered

F2 – Name the scientist whose 3 laws play major role in motion of body?
Me – answered Newton

(again Chairman)

Ch – What is first law of Newton?
Me – answered

Ch – Second law?
Me – answered

Ch – Which is important in Mech Engineering?
Me – said 1st law (but I think it is third)

Ch – Your interest is foot ball, there is a major event going on. What is it and where is it going on?
Me – answered Copa, America

Ch – Who won it?
Me – answered

Ch – Any other tournament going on?
Me – Women’s FIFA worldcup, USA beat Japan

Ch – Where is it held?
Me  – said wrongly but she smiled and said Canada

All were smiling through out the interview seems like they were satisfied. 15min interview. Very friendly panel.

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