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#SSC_CGL_2016 #Supreme_Court_Case Just got an info that cancellation team wi…



Just got an info that cancellation team will introduce new lawyer in next hearing. This new lawyer is #Harish_Salve one of the top rated lawyer of this country. (Not Verified, Anti – Cancellation team can verify on their own)

Moreover, it is learnt from some members of anti-cancellation team that Advocate Luthra was reluctant to take this case.

Just want to inform Anti-Cancellation Team beware of the fact that Luthra was approached by cancellation team earlier and he may not be 100% loyal towards you.

So, if you are trying to be a party in the case go with the Big names and most important is advocate loyalty towards you and your case.

Remember, there were many examples where SSC lawyer got a deal from opposite party to lose the case.


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  1. #जेठमलानी सही रहेगा 😯

  2. Is it true that Delhi Police Sub Inspector post will be included in SSC 2017?

  3. Paisa kaha se aarha hai inke pass

  4. I M stunned by the names of harish salve aS lawyer. How can they afford him??

  5. M Toh keh hi raha tha tube sahi banda h

  6. harish salve the man who saved salman khan

  7. le lota ye world war 3 me convert hoga.

  8. jolly llb 3 hoga ab..🙌🙌🙌

  9. mtlb cgl 2016 to latka ab to…. aise h fasa rhega ab…

  10. inme se kisi ka baap hai kya harish salve?

  11. ssc hi bhang kar deni chahiye corrupted officials hain mc bc sale

  12. कुल मिलाकर ऐसी की तैसी कर दी सबकी फिर से सब *ण्ड में लाठी डालकर पढ़ाई करते रहो ये बस ऐसे ही एग्जाम पर एग्जाम करते रहें। 😂😂😂

  13. Ha ha ha kyu dara raha hai bhai

  14. Why is everyone focussing on lawyers when the merits of the case dont warrant a reexam?No arrestshave been made so far…no fir…is the sc so biased???

  15. If irregularities were found jethmalini bhi kuch nhi kar sakega

  16. how can they hire so expensive advocate ?

  17. inhe peaise coaching center wale dete hai..aor coaching center wale students se wasoolte ..bahut bda game h bhai ….

  18. How can they afford #harish_salve? He is one of highest paid lawyer in india..

  19. Harish salve ki fees kya h?

  20. Gayi Bhens pani mein….2 saal ki mehnat par pani……..Credit to Cancellation team……..Janta tumhe maaf nahi karegi

  21. Koi akshay kumar ko bhejo yar. Jolly llb 3

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