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English Language

Session 5 | Mock 1 Part-II | by Sahil Sir
Session 5 | Mock 1 Part-II | by Sahil Sir

Conducted On:

19th Aug 07:00 PM
Session 4 | Mock 1| by Sahil Sir
Session 4 | Mock 1| by Sahil Sir

Conducted On:

17th Aug 07:00 PM
Session 3 | AIT 08 | Part - 3 | by Sahil Sir
Session 3 | AIT 08 | Part - 3 | by Sahil Sir

Conducted On:

16th Aug 07:00 PM
Demo AIT 08 | Part - 2 | by Sahil Sir
Demo AIT 08 | Part - 2 | by Sahil Sir

Conducted On:

9th Aug 07:00 PM
Demo AIT 08 | by Sahil Sir
Demo AIT 08 | by Sahil Sir

Conducted On:

8th Aug 07:00 PM

Untangle English (SSC CGL MAINS ENGLISH MOCK) Plans & Packages


Untangle English (SSC CGL MAINS ENGLISH MOCK) By Dr. Vocab

₹1199/- ₹599/- 50.04%

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Batch Start Date: 8th August

10 Practice Mocks + 5 AIT Mocks Total - 15 Mocks

Attempt all questions within 110 min.

A Video can be played for approx. 270 minutes (Max. video play time = 3 times the length of the video)

This package is available till 8th Sep (Full Access)

Video can be played on Web and on App. too

Course Highlights


One Month Program

100-120 min of Each Video Discussion of English, Session recording will be provided for all sessions



Upon selection in any SSC Job, an amount of Rs. 500 will be refunded into your SSCtube wallet.


Classroom Environment

Classes are designed to provide you personalized learning experience and allows interactions between aspirants & teachers.


Doubt Clearing Sessions

Discussion board and live doubt clearing sessions to resolve every single doubt you may have


15 Mock Tests

10 (English Practice Mocks) + 5 AIT English Mock Test


Personalized Mentoring

1-to-1 regular interaction sessions with our expert mentors offer unparalleled test preparedness


Other Benefits

Study Material in PDF format

Our Mentor: Sahil Mittal Sir

Sahil Mittal Sir

Sahil Mittal

  • 6 years of experience . Have been teaching lexicon approach of Grammar.
  • Eloquent in teaching as a second language of the world (ESL). Having command in Economics, Business Finance and Sociology which cover most of the comprehension- based question.
  • Experience of being a language expert in renowned newspapers. Having a good dictionary is like a 'mother epic' for Dr. Vocab.


What are the benefits of online coaching?

Preparing for competitive exams for a student isn't an easy task. Online coaching made learning easy and affordable.

  1. No need to pay hefty coaching fees. All online courses are priced less as compared to offline course
  2. No need to leave your home and spend too much on accommodation and food in major education hubs.
  3. Online courses gives you flexibility to learn according to your speed. You can watch classes live or in recorded form anytime & anywhere.
  4. Personal Interaction with faculty is a major advantage. In offline coaching many students do not ask doubts due to hesitation but here you can ask doubt anytime in running class.

What if I missed the scheduled class?

In Online Coaching, you can't miss anything even if you want. All LIVE CLASSES once conducted will be available immediately in recorded form. So, nothing to worry even if you are preparing with your Job or you missed some classes due to some emergency.

After I purchase the online course, when it will be activated?

As soon as payment is done, Online Course will be activated immediately and you can start your preparation.

For any other query/concern, whom should I contact/call?

Addressing your concern is always a priority for us. In case you have any queries, you can call at +91-9582383798 or mail us at admin@ssctube.com  

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Untangle English is the Live Course for SSC CGL Exam in which Dr. Vocab (Sahil Mittal Sir) will discuss the 10 English Mains Mocks & SSCtube ALL India Mocks. This course is very useful for the students preparing for SSC CGL 2018 & SSC CGL 2019. If you are targeting more than 180+ in SSC CGL 18, this course will definitely boost your score.

SSCtube's aim is to provide most comprehensive & affordable learning platform to the students of competitive exams. As Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. At this platform, users can learn by attending live online classes at our learning centers and also at their home. Further, they can use the same learning in practicing curated tests prepared by the best faculties. Currently we are serving SSC, Railway & Banking Students.

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