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Important Current Affairs 6th July 2018

Important Current Affairs 6th July 2018

Current Affairs 6th July 2018: NATIONAL NEWS

Prime Minister addressed the International Conference of Saurashtra Patel cultural society through video conferencing
●        Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed the 8th International Conference of Saurashtra Patel cultural society through video conferencing.
●        International conference of Saurashtra Patel cultural society is being held this year in California, USA.
●        The Prime Minister said that India will celebrate 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi from October 2

Sambalpur division is the first division of Indian Railways that has ended all unmanned level crossing gates
●        For the purpose of eliminating all unmanned railway crossings, the Sambalpur division has launched six limited-height subways for the Eastern Railway Railway and completed it in the short term of four and a half hours on July 5, 2018.
●        6 limited-height subway is not only built in the Sambalpur division of East Coast Railway, but it is the first example of its kind in the entire Indian Railways.
Uttar Pradesh government banned plastic from July 15
●        Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath Sarkar has issued plastic ban order from July 15 in the state.
●        The government is currently going to ban thin plastic from 50 microns.
●        Yogi Sarkar has taken this decision to save the environment and to prevent the use of indiscriminate plastic in the state.
●        After 15th July, the use of plastic cup, glass and polythene has been banned in the state.
●        Fines can be imposed up to Rs 50,000 for those convicted after the bans.
Chief Justice is the master of roster: Supreme Court
●        The Supreme Court clarified on July 06, 2018 that the Chief Justice is the 'Master of Roster' and he has the privilege and authority to allocate matters to the various benches of the Supreme Court.
●        This order has come on the petition of former Law Minister Shanti Bhushan who challenged the present judge's system of allotting cases to the Supreme Court by the Chief Justice.
By the year 2100, the cost of expenditure on sea level will be 14 trillion dollars per year
●        Increasing levels of sea water can be up to $ 14 trillion per year up to 2100.
●        Scientists say that if the increase in global temperature does not stop at 2 degrees Celsius, then it will have serious consequences.
●        With an increase in sea level, the annual cost of $ 14 trillion will be used to prevent this problem.
●        This paper was published on 3 July in a journal named 'Environment Research Letters'.

Voter card issued in Braille script for visually impaired voters: Election Commission
●        Election Commission made some important decisions on the issue of increased voting of Divya voters in the elections on 4th July, 2018, to provide free traffic facility to the polling booths, issuing voter identity cards with Braille and starting a special polling station. Are there.

Reliance will launch online-to-offline retail service
●        Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has announced an ambitious plan to launch a 'hybrid online-to-offline' retail service.
●        For this, the company has decided not only to connect Geo's telecom service with 7,500 stores already available in the Reliance Store.
●        With the launch of this platform, Reliance will face direct competition with e-commerce giants like Flipkart and Amazon.

Indigenous semi high-speed train to run in September

●        The much-awaited Semi High-speed train to be built in India can land in September.
●        In order to promote Make In India Campaign, this train has been prepared in the Integral Coach Factory located in Chennai.
●        It has been given the code name of Train-18.
●        This semi-high-speed train can run at 160 kmph.

Current Affairs 6th July 2018: INTERNATIONAL RELATIONSHIP

Prime Minister of Bhutan met the President
●        The Prime Minister of Bhutan His Excellency Sherring Tobago called on President Shri Ramnath Kovind in Rashtrapati Bhawan today.
●        The President said that in recent years, Bhutan has made rapid progress in the economic sector in Bhutan.
●        A special ceremony will be organized on the occasion of Golden Jubilee of India-Bhutan diplomatic relations.
●        On this occasion, 50 programs will be organized in India and Bhutan.

Current Affairs 6th July 2018: ECONOMY

E-commerce workforce first meeting
●        Commerce Secretary Rita Teaotia today presided over the first meeting of the workforce on e-commerce in New Delhi.
●        The meeting discussed the suggestions of the sub-group meetings held on June 20-22, 2018.
●        Tips on cross border data flows, taxation, business support and logistics, consumer trust, IPR and future technology and competition topics were suggested.

Financial crisis in Venezuela
●        Venezuela's economy is going through a very bad phase at the moment.
●        It is difficult to get the currency from the Venezuelan banks at this time.
●        Due to lack of currency, the economy is largely based on the barter system.

Current Affairs 6th July 2018: SPORTS

Law Commission recommends legalization of betting in sports
●        The Law Commission has recommended legalization of betting in the Games on 05 July 2018.
●        If the government accepts this recommendation of the Law Commission, betting in the game will be brought under legal realm in the coming time.
●        The Law Commission has recommended it as a regulatory activity.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni completes 500 international matches
●        Mahendra Singh Dhoni becomes the third Indian player to play 500 international matches
●        The list contains Sachin Tendulkar (664 international matches) at the top, who retired from international cricket in 2013.
●        Rahul Dravid is the second in the list, who played 509 international matches.

Current Affairs 6th July 2018: GLOBAL NEWS

European Parliament rejects controversial European Union copyright law proposal
●        Lawmakers of the European Parliament canceled the disputed European Union Copyright Laws Resolution on 05 July 2018
●        Members of the European Parliament gave 318 votes in its opposition, while 278 members voted in favor of it.
●        31 members were absent in this poll.

Russia also increased tax on imports of American goods
●        Russia has increased the rate of tax on some of the goods imported from the US.
●        This has done in response to the same steps taken by the US.
●        "The rate of import duty has been increased to 25 to 40 percent for indemnity," Economic Affairs Minister Maxim Oreshkin said in a statement.

Nawaz Sharif gets 10 years, daughter to 7 years in jail
●        Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif , who was ousted from a court in Pakistan, has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment on Friday for corruption.
●        Nawaz's daughter Mary has also been sentenced to seven years.
●        The court also imposed a fine of 80 million pounds (about 73 million rupees) and 20 million pounds (18.2 million rupees) on Nawaz and Mary respectively.