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All about Preventive Officer (Customs)

All About Preventive Officer in Customs

Level: 7

Basic Pay: Rs. 44,900


Preventive Officer in Customs post is still not explained in detail in any of the available platforms. We'll try to provide each and every detail for Preventive Officer in Customs. Many of us have confusion whether the Preventive Officer in Customs work profile is similar to Examiner or Excise Inspector in CBEC. The profile of Preventive Officer in Customs is not completely similar to either of the two above mentioned posts. Preventive Officer in Customs selected through CGL Exam works in Customs branch of CBEC. There are custom Zones in which Excise and Customs are separate, Preventive Officer in Customs are posted in those zones. 

Some Custom Zones where Preventive Officer in Customs gets posting :

Chennai Customs Cochin Customs Kolkata Customs Mumbai – I Customs Goa Customs Visakhapatnam Custom

Deputation - Preventive Officer in Customs can go for deputation in various Excise Zones for 1-3 year respectively in which


Promotion of Preventive Officer in Customs is not as good as Examiner in Customs but better than Excise Inspector in CBEC.

First promotion of PO in customs is Superintendent of Customs and for this eligibility criteria is 8 years of service. Preventive Officer are also eligible to get promoted as Appraiser but only 20% of Appraiser post reserved for them and the same service criteria of 8 years is applicable for getting promoted to Appraiser. Now, understand with the cited example below :

Suppose there are 100 Seats of Appraiser out of which 20 seats are reserved for Preventive Officers. As we know Examiner in Customs are eligible for promotion to Appraiser after 3 years of regular service. So, a Preventive Officer who joined 8 years before and senior to 3 years old Examiner will be getting one of the 20 post of Appraiser. However, due to less workforce available in CBEC as compared to sanctioned strength, the eligibility criteria were relaxed  in recent DPC.

But, before you came to conclusion about promotion aspects of Preventive Officer in Customs. Some points are worthy to mention before concluding this promotion section

  • A long queue of Preventive Officers in waiting for promotion as Appraiser.
  • Promotion to Superintendent of Customs are not as slow as in Excise Inspector.
  • Promotion to Assistant Commissioner are better than Excise but no comparison with fast promotion of Appraiser Cadre.
  • A Preventive Officer joining service at age of 23-25 will get up to the post of Dy. Commissioner in current scenario.
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