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All about Sub Inspector (NIA)

Sub Inspector in NIA (National Investigation Agency)

Level: 6

Basic Pay: Rs. 35,400/-

Posting - Head Quarters in Delhi but you have to serve Anywhere in India

SSC CGL also provides you with an opportunity to get selected in one of the most prestigious departments of India – National Investigation Agency (NIA).


Even though SI in NIA is a 4200 grade Pay job but then also his salary is equivalent to a 4600 grade pay central Govt employee as he gets 25% extra of Basic + DA and also he is paid 13 months’ salary in a year.

Effective In hand salary (Considering 13 month salary):

Class X cities= Rs. 43,166

Class Y cities= Rs. 39,492

Class Z cities= Rs. 37,664

Hence effective in hand salary is more than any other posts offered in SSC-CGL.

Job Profile

NIA was formed in 2008 after Mumbai attacks to counter Terrorism. As an officer with NIA, you shall be working with this Law Enforcement agency on counter terrorism operations.

Recently, in 2013 it was notified in the Official Gazette of India about the organizational structure of NIA which includes direct recruitment of 28 Sub-Inspectors through SSC exam.

Previously, NIA was recruiting only the officers on 4200 grade pay with two years of investigation experience from other agencies like Delhi Police, SPG, CBI, IB etc. This year onwards they have started the direct recruitment.[gap height="5"]

Work Profile

Right now, most of the work force in NIA is on deputation from other police forces and allied agencies. The work profile of a SI is mixed of that of intelligence officer and that of law enforcement. You shall be responsible to do clerical court work (NIA has separate courts and acts of prosecution), execute summons and warrants, examine witnesses, keep their custody, collect and analyze intelligence and ground verification of previous intelligence and be a part of raiding/spot investigation team. While investigating a terror case or activity, an NIA official is deemed authority equivalent to the SHO of police of that area. Our source (a current officer on deputation) tells us that the post is nowhere as powerful as that of CBI. Reason being that CBI deals with corruption and crime committed by normal people or goons. Every other govt official/politician/police is involved in some or other corruption activity, so it is obvious that they have a fear of CBI as the CBI has power and jurisdiction to act on these corrupt people and prosecute them.

Now, the NIA profile majorly deals with terrorists and international mafias and drug syndicates. These are not your common people who would be afraid of jail or raids of CBI. Thus, any common person, police official, business man, government official or even a politician have no reason to be afraid of NIA because NIA has no authority to prosecute them. To sum it up, NIA don’t have any social power/status that you can flaunt in your social or friend circle. Infact, if you are an NIA official who is collecting intelligence of terrorist organizations, even the terrorist organizations are advance enough to collect counter information about NIA officials and NIA’s activities. Further, no chance whatsoever for any under table, over table or along table earnings. So, it’s a risky profile with lesser benefits that other jobs of SSC.


As a SI in NIA, you would be above ASIs, constables, DEOs of your department. You can be sent to any corner of the country where there is a suspected terrorist activity that took place (eg. recent bomb making factory that exploded in West Bengal). You would be required to camp and investigate in the most interior and remote places. Also, you would be required to gather intelligence about any bomb blast site like that of Pune bakery blast or Samjhauta Express blast site etc. Thus you cannot flaunt your card around, you have to work discretely without any power or authority. NIA has 5 branch offices in Hyderabad, Guwahati, Kochi, Lucknow and Mumbai with Head Quarters at Delhi.


There is not a very clear scenario about promotions. On papers, a SI in NIA should be promoted to an Inspector rank after 5 yrs, but reality is a lot different, it all depends on the vacancies and the waiting list of seniors before you. Expect your first promotion not before 7-8 yrs of service. Very similar to Delhi Police SI promotion stagnation, the senior posts are mostly occupied by IPS officers on deputation, so rising very high up is not possible for a Sub Inspector. There is stagnation after one or two promotions. If you are very lucky, you may retire from the post of SP.[gap height="5"]

SSCtube Gyaan

Keep in mind that your friends opting for other posts like Inspectors, Assistants becomes a gazetted officer with one promotion while you would need 2 promotions just to be a Class 1 gazetted officer. The pyramid hierarchy structure makes it very difficult for anyone to get more than 3 or 4 promotions in a Govt. job career (dominated by seniority and reservation instead of merit). At the end of the day you are just another 4200 GP Govt. personnel and just receiving salary equivalent to a 4600 gp. While your friends shall enjoy a 9 to 5 job with all gazetted holidays and offs, being in this job you have to work at odd hours and Sundays too and this is the reason you are being paid extra (which equates to 4600 gp) for the risky job and disturbed life scene.

Initially, many of us are crazy to desire a ‘risky’ and ‘challenging’ job profile to work with. But remember, you would still be stuck in this profile even 15 yrs down the life when you would want to spend time with your wife and focus on your parent’s well being and kid’s future. The tensions, erratic work hours and lifestyle, thankless work, minimal recognition of efforts are something that take toll on your health and social life. But then, there still are people who work in these profiles; both with choice or for the lack of choice. Choose wisely, because eventually it’s you have to live your life with your desires and aspirations.

If you have passion to serve the country and do the adventurous kind of job then NIA is the place for you. But, If you have the mindset to earn UTM then in harsh words we would like to say that there is not place for traitors in NIA.

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