Session 16 | Vocabulary | By Sahil Mittal Sir
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Session 16 | Vocabulary | By Sahil Mittal Sir

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Plans & Packages of This Video


Vocab Booster (30 Hours Live Online Coaching)

₹1000/- ₹700/- 30%

30+ Hours Online Live Classes of 1 hours each.

2500+ Total Words (comprising of 500+ Synonyms, 500+ Antonyms, 500+ One Word, 500+ Idioms, 500+ Spellings)

Important word and their related lexicon Approach.

Clues and Logical approach of eliminating unwanted options.

A Video can be played for approx. 270 minutes (Max. video play time = 3 times the length of the video)

Exercise of various Words.

Vocab Master (45 Hours Live Online Coaching)

₹1500/- ₹1049/- 30.07%

Online Live Classes of 1 hours each

Everything in Vocab Booster Plan + 15 hours Extra + Contextual Difference and subtitle understanding of words.

Words with Explanation and approach of its grammatical usage.

Related discussion of preposition and Phrasal Verbs.

Vocab Champion (60 Hours Live Online Coaching)

₹2000/- ₹1399/- 30.05%

Online Live Classes of 1 hours each.

Everything in Vocab Master Plan + 15 hours Extra + 250 Extra Words + Business, finance Economy and Management Related Vocabulary.

How to extract Vocab from lines.

How to get the intuition of the meaning from a complex sentence? Reference Theme.


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