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New Peace Deal signed between Colombia Government and Rebels

A new peace agreement was signed by Colombian government negotiator Humberto de La Calle with rebel representative Ivan Marquez.
●    It's going to end a 52-year-long conflict that has claimed more than 2,20,000 lives and driven almost 8 million people from their homes in the South American country. 
●    The latest deal aims to address some of the concerns of the original accord’s opponents, who said the deal was too lenient on a leftist rebel group that had kidnapped and committed war crimes.
●    President Juan Manuel Santos and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia inked an initial peace deal on September 26 amid international fanfare after more than four years of negotiations. 
●    But voters rejected it on October 2 by just 55,000 votes, dealing a stunning setback to Mr. Santos who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to end Colombia’s conflict.
●    Mr. Santos immediately began looking for ways to rescue the deal and the sides extended a ceasefire until December 31 to get the modified deal done.