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Nikki Haley - first Indian-American to be named US ambassador to UN

Donald Trump, the President-elect of the United States of America (USA), on 23 November 2016 named South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley as the US Ambassador to the United Nations. 
●    Haley became the first non-white female cabinet-level official to be appointed within the Trump administration.
●    She is the daughter of Indian immigrants
●    She was a vocal critic of Trump on the campaign trail
●    The 44-year-old has been characterised as a rising star within the Republican Party is the youngest Governor in the US.
●    She has served America as the 116th Governor of South Carolina since 2011.
●    She is also the first woman and first minority governor of South Carolina.
●    She is the second Indian-American, after Bobby Jindal, to serve as governor in the US.
●    President-elect Trump also named Betsy DeVos as education secretary of the country. DeVos is a billionaire education philanthropist and activist.