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Obama bids farewell

President Barack Obama on 10th Jan 2017 issued a rallying cry to preserve and protect U.S. democracy, urging Americans to remain “vigilant, but not afraid” and to reject complacency and fear.
●    Obama had billed his farewell address ― his final public speech as president ― as a path forward under President-elect Donald Trump. 
●    Obama only mentioned Trump by name early in the speech, noting his commitment to the transition of power. 
●    But many of his cautions appeared directed at his successor, particularly his reminder that “democracy can buckle when we give in to fear,” and his apparent references to Trump’s campaign of divisiveness and fear mongering against minority groups.
●    Obama framed his address as a prescription for democracy. 
●    He said threats to the country’s foundation include income inequality, racism and bigotry, political polarization, the jettisoning of facts and reason in political discourse, and low levels of civic engagement.