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United Nations launches strategy to minimise environmental footprint of its peace operations

The United Nations Department of Field Support (DFS) on 29 November 2016 launched a new strategy to maximize its peace operations' efficiency in the use of natural resources. 
●    The strategy will also help in minimizing peace operations' risk to people, societies and ecosystems.
●    The step was taken to highlight the significance of environmental protection and management in the work of peacekeeping missions.
●    The scheme aims at conserving water and reducing the level of risk to personnel, local communities and ecosystems from wastewater management practices.
●    The first phase of the strategy will be implemented through July 2020. It will focus on improving environmental analytics to effectively monitor progress. 
●    The five pillars of the strategy will then be reviewed. Thereafter, specific targets will be set for the second phase of strategy implementation to conclude in June 2023.
●    The United Nations Department of Field Support is dedicated to the support of peacekeeping field missions and political field missions.
●    The DFS has been headed by Atul Khare since 2 March 2015.