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What is Blue Whale Game?:

Basically this game has duration of 50 days. People are joining the game by uploading eerie selfies or any kind of eerie pictures with hashtag Bluewhale, f58, f57 etc. Mainly russian terms that i don't know the meaning of.


What is Blue Whale Challenge?:

Different curators are assigned to each player who give tasks to those who participate.

First, they inform you that now you are a part of the game and there is no going back. Do you really wanna play? If the player says yes they continue and and tell you the rules but after that if a player wants to get out of it, the curator replies “we have all your infos, they will come after you”. Basically what i heard is, they send you a link and if you click that they receive all your information.

It's called bluewhale challenge as bluewhales suicide jumping out of water. (i had no idea about it)

• The 50 days rules something like this,

• You have to listen to their recommended songs and horror movies, everyday.

• Cut yourself. (Different day, different cuts)

• Wake up at 4:20 AM everyday.

• Never share anything about this game with anyone.

• You have to send the proof to the curator that you are actually doing all these.

• 50th day, when almost all your senses are gone they ask you to jump from a building/bridge or jump under the train.

• One player photoshoped her/his cuts and sent the photo to the curator. The curator never contacted or replied to the player ever again.

They basically attack people who are depressed. They convince people that this “world” is cruel and if you die you can reach to god and your life will be good and happy after that.

Mainly teenagers from Russia, Ukraine, part of Europe is taking part in this game. Above 130 teenage suicide has been reported.

It's been 2 years this game is spreading like a disease.


Internet firms asked to erase blue whale links:

Concerned over children being prodded to commit suicide on the Blue Whale Challenge game, the government has directed top internet platforms - Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Microsoft and Yahoo - to immediately remove the links to the notorious online game.

Knowledge Source: Internet